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Notice on Soufriere Volcanic Eruption

Monday, April 12, 2021 | By Lynch Insurance Brokers
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Notice on Soufriere Volcanic Eruption

Notice on Soufriere Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic eruption and its related consequences are a covered peril under the majority of property damage insurance policies subject to the terms and conditions of your individual policy wordings. Your property damage policy covers loss and/or damage from the insured event and as such may be triggered by this event.

There is a 2% of sum insured Catastrophe Deductible applicable to any claims being filed for loss and/or damage. In order for there to be recovery under the property policy for costs and expenses in relation to the loss this deductible must be first satisfied. Most business interruption claims have a 72 hour time deductible before policy cover is triggered.

As with any severe property damage loss you must seek to mitigate and recover from your loss including repairs and/or clean up. But in all cases notify your broker/insurer of any potential loss, and document such through detailed report on the loss, photographs, and estimates for repair and recovery.

Please follow this link for the catastrophe claim form Click Here

Our executives and claims team stand ready to guide you through the process as necessary.

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  • Mark Perkins: 429-5947 or 253-1235
  • James Peirce: 435-2653 or 230-2684
  • Kevin King: 253-5049
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  • Mark Blakeley: 231-2320

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