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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 | By Lynch Insurance Brokers
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Lynch A. Lynch & Co. building in McGregor Street, 1951

Lynch Insurance Brokers was built on the dreams and aspirations of one of the most successful businessmen of the immediate post-emancipation period, James Alsop Lynch. Founded as a general commission agency in 1859, James A Lynch & Company was subsequently purchased by the Peirce Family in 1928.  Insurance became a main focus, and reinsurance contracts for hurricane and earthquake cover as well as growing sugar cane were arranged for the first time.

In 1972, all agencies except for those in insurance were closed, and in 1978 the Company became a registered insurance broker. Associations were made with major international insurance firms, including Marsh Inc, the world’s largest insurance broking company, of which Lynch is presently an affiliate.

As one of Barbados’ oldest companies, Lynch has seen many great international and local events.  Throughout this rich history, the Company has stood strong and has learned a great deal that ensures our promising future.

With over 155 years of knowledge and today’s current insights, Lynch helps its clients manage their risks.  Our commitment remains, as it has since the beginning, to meet our customer’s needs, solve their problems and go above and beyond in service excellence.  And while most companies lay claim to a similar mission, for Lynch, our success is determined only by our mission’s execution.

Our acquired knowledge, a sincere interest in our client’s business and a proactive attitude inherent in our team culture allows us to isolate risks, analyse the costs, convey the facts and present the essential risk and insurance options in order to help make confident decisions, stay relevant and to see plans actualised.



Making the next, right decision for the future of your business takes Experience + Insight + Foresight.

This is what we bring to the table.


When it comes to risk we don’t take chances.

We are your Trusted Risk Advisor.



About Lynch

Lynch Insurance Brokers Ltd. is a risk advisory and insurance services firm. Our mission is solving our client's key risk concerns and in so doing make them more successful. We are an Associate company of Marsh Ltd., and are able to leverage their international expertise and market access to deliver innovative thinking to addressing our client's risk and insurance needs.

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