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Built on Success

Posted on Wed October 15, 2014 | By Lynch Insurance Brokers
Lynch A. Lynch & Co. building in McGregor Street, 1951

Lynch Insurance Brokers was built on the dreams and aspirations of one of the most successful businessmen of the immediate post-emancipation period, James Alsop Lynch. With over 155 years of knowledge and today’s current insights, Lynch helps its clients manage their risks.  Our commitment remains, as it has since the beginning.

Maintaining Market Share

Posted on Wed October 15, 2014 | By Lynch Insurance Brokers
Maintaining Market Share After a Critical Fire

Lynch Insurance Brokers helped their Client mitigate loss following a potentially crippling fire that destroyed the manufacturing equipment and stored inventory. Through careful planning and effective policy construction, Lynch helped the Client cover increased Working Costs to sustain production at an overseas manufacturing plant, maintaining their regional market share and minimizing Gross Profit Loss.

Why You Need to Address Cyber Risk Now!

Posted on Mon October 13, 2014 | By Gregory Rose, Chief Executive Officer

Today's criminal no longer needs a crowbar when a keyboard suffices and delivers better results. Once your company utilizes a computer network in its operation, collects or stores confidential information, intellectual property, or facilitates electronic payments and transfers, you are exposed to Cyber Risk.